Invitation to Join ICOMMA

January 3, 2003

Dear Ibadan College of Medicine Alumnus

We would like to introduce to you, ICOMAA, NA. The North America Branch of the Ibadan College of Medicine Alumni Association.

The Alumni Association of our great alma mater (ICOMAA worldwide) was founded in October 1999 in Ibadan. Professor O.O. Akinkugbe is the first and current President.

Membership in ICOMAA is drawn from all the alumni of the schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Basic Sciences, and Postgraduate Research and Training. The primary mission is to maintain the Ibadan College of Medicine as a center of excellence for teaching, research and clinical care.

The North American Branch of ICOMAA was incorporated in the USA in 2001 as a non-profit tax-exempt organization with 503C Status.

Dr. Tokunbo Owo was the first President and there are forty-three foundation members who have contributed to maintain and expand the activities of the organization. We have pledged a sum of one million Naira towards the recently launched Endowment program by ICOMAA, Nigeria and recently provided about $3,000 towards the shipment of 3 hemodialysis units to UCH. A new leadership team was elected in October 2002 with Sola Olopade, MD as the current President.

The initial goals of ICOMAA, North America are to expand the membership, create a viable and strong branch of ICOMAA in North America, promote networking among the members and develop a fundraising machinery to solicit funds from private and corporate sources to support the laudable goals of faculty and student exchange, improving library services, promoting collaborative research and establish an endowment fund. We intend to take a leadership role in achieving the goals of improving the quality of medical education, health care and research at our Alma Mater.

We are now embarking on a membership drive to ensure that all ICOMA Alums are represented in our deliberations and that we have sufficient fund to implement our goals. In this campaign, we intend to increase our membership to 500 by September 2003, and 1000 by 2004. As the membership grows, we will be working on the organization of what would be an annual convention with the current leadership of the College and University in attendance. In fact, there is a strong possibility of having the current Vice Chancellor of the University of Ibadan, Professor Falase, also an ICOMAA Alumnus, join us sometime in June during the upcoming ANPA Convention in June.

We are committed to transparency and accountability, as well as rigid oversight in all our endeavors. Updated information will be available on our Website at, which is under construction. A copy of our inaugural newsletter is also enclosed.

There is so much need at the College that we are in a unique position to make such a major difference in the quality of education at the College and in the lives of so many. We invite you to join us as we embark on giving a little back to the institution that contributed so much to all our current accomplishments.

Please find enclosed a membership application to be filled out and returned with annual membership dues.

We are also requesting your assistance with continuing to locate our alumni from all four faculties, here in North America, and hope you will take time to review the list, and fill out the "Additional Alumni information sheet" provided at the end of the list, to return with your application

Each graduating class has 1 to 5 class representatives, who may be contacting you by telephone to follow up on our membership drive. The list of class representatives is outlined below.

We look forward to hearing from you and to a very productive and exciting year for ICOMAA


Sola Olopade, MD (1980)
President, ICOMAA, North America

Titilola (George) Britto MD (1986)
Chair, Membership Drive Committee

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